Raider CS-35, Yellow Longshot

If anyone ever heard of nerf, has a nerf gun, thought about having a nerf gun, got shot in the face with the nerf gun, or all of the above…pay attention…

N-Strike Raider CS-35 to come in fall

Yes, nerf is at it again. Celebrating their 40th birthday party, they are making a new gun! This one will be nothing like the others. This has a rapid fire drum-like magazine. This would also be the first nerf gun to be pump action (unmodded). Here it is:

Coming in fall

Coming in fall

 This is one of a kind. Expected on shelves early Fall.

For modern Nerf collectors, if you have all of the latest guns, you would notice they are all yellow and orange. But that one Longshot is ugly and blue.

Recently added on shelves, the Yellow Longshot CS-6 has a different spring then the earlier Blue Longshots.
Nerf Haven thread here

The YL, as it is called, has a thicker, less compressive spring. As always, youll probably take a screwdriver to it.

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Yellow/Blue Longshot Comparisson

Yellow/Blue Longshot Comparisson

 Look for this box in stores:

Yellow Longshot Box

Yellow Longshot Box

 For more info about anything Nerf:
                         and for Singapore fans:


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